In scenic surroundings in Hammelev by Grenaa is Langagergaard, a completely renovated country house with room for no less than 31 people. It is a four-lane farm, where you live in the main house and in the one long. At Langagergaard there is space for the whole family or company.

The main house is furnished with a large, modern kitchen /dining room, large utility room with plenty of space for outerwear etc. TV room with a view of the fields, large bathroom on the ground floor, and bathroom with spa on the 1st floor, sling and cozy areas, furthermore 8 good rooms. Sea view from the 1st floor. Large terrace in connection with the main house, as well as a very large plot with a fire place, and space for many activities. In the living area there is a small kitchen, bathroom and 3 rooms and a billiard room. There is also a large fitness room with treadmill, rowing machine, bicycles, weights, boxing ball, etc., as well as activity room with pool / billiard, table tennis, air hockey and creative corner with space for creative souls.